Monday, 8 October 2012

Dead or Alive 5 fan art

A game like Dead or Alive 5 demands fan art, eh? I guess the net is full of... "fantasies" but I tried to keep my takes on DoA girls civilized. When I cast my troupe, I didn't look for exact lookalikes or nationalities but someones who would give the right kind of vibes. I had to blow up certain proportions of my models to match the DoA girls who are known for great things in front of them, thus they shall remain uncredited. Not all of the DoA girls are featured here. It's not I wouldn't like them, it's just this entry got big enough with this cast.

It isn't exactly known why Ayane has red eyes... Maybe it's a ninja thing.
Leading lady Kasumi all serene.
Lei Fang looks troubled. Jann Lee in her mind again?
New girl Mila taking a breather against the ropes.
A view to a kill, Christie-style.
Who would have known, Hitomi made it into the final of DoA 5 tournament!
I like placing Ayane against a blazing background. It suits her inner fire.
Pretty Kasumi among pretty petals. Then she kicks your face in.
Lei Fang's "strange training" is one of my favourite story parts in the story mode.
You ain't a fighter until you have knocked off a tooth as shown by Mila.
Another view to a kill, Christie-style.
I admit, the backdrop looks a bit hasty but let's all concenctrate on Hitomi.
Ayane all serene.
Kasumi pins down the DoA champion Jann Lee. Kasumi is the best!
Actually, Lei Fang shouldn't be smiling after the previous picture.
Yes, you can ask how Mila ends up running the windy streets half-dressed. It doesn't happen in the game.
A punch to a kill, Christie-style.
Hitomi likes to stretch. It keeps, er, muscles perky.

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