Thursday, 9 August 2012

London looks 2012

Olympic games aren't beauty pageants and they don't need to be either. It's the ultimate test of human physique and willpower in sports and that's what counts at the finishing line, so to speak. But there are athletes whose looks equal their proveness in their events. Here are few of them in no particular order but because I'm Finnish, let's start with a Finn:

Tuuli Petäjä brought Finland its first (and dare I predict, our only) medal in London 2012 by finishing second in RS:X windsurfing. Tuuli is a bright, pretty and spunky girl whose spirit is worth of learning from. Also, nomen must really be omen as "tuuli" means "wind" in Finnish!

Tianna Madison preparing for her semi-final run in ladies' 100m dash. In the final she finished fourth but alongside with her compatriot sprinter Allyson Felix she competes for the title of "the prettiest girl in team USA" in my books!

Wu Minxia before her final round dive in ladies' 3m sprinboard. She continued team China's gold rampage by finishing first after a sublime performance. Wu Minxia is a like fairy with a modern edge, both in her appearance and in her skills. Also her black ornamental swimsuit was stunning!

Let's not forget handsome men either, this one by my mother's request! Tomasz Majewski from Poland, towering in 2.04 meters (6 ft 8 in), took a second consecutive olympic gold medal in men's shot put. Here he is pictured before his last attempt which extended his lead from one centimeter to three centimeters but hey, every inch counts!

At this point I had run out of "banana yellow" paper I drew these athletes on but still I had to include one athlete whose career I have been following ever since olympic games in Athens 2004. Three-times world champion in ladies' 200m dash, Allyson Felix had been hunting for the gold in her main event after finishing second in two previous olympic games. Until yesterday evening when she surged ahead of the field to finally take her first individual olympic gold! I pictured her preparing for her start in the final.

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NePaul Wilson said...

I haven't been keeping up with the Olympics (I know pew on me), but you've certainly done more than justice to capture the spirit, beauty and competitive nature of the Olympics. I especially love the expressions in Three and Five, where you can clearly see how much focus and grace goes into each competitor.