Monday, 16 July 2012

The girl and her stallion

When sir Roger Moore was on a PR tour for his autobiography "My Word is My Bond", an interviewer pondered if "beautiful women and fast cars" are keys to former James Bond's long life. Moore was quick to correct him: "No, it's fast women and beautiful cars."


NePaul Wilson said...

I've never heard that quote before, but I'm going to save it to memory. On that note there's a rather interesting theory about James Bond floating around that I recently read (and I LOVE it) that the reason James Bond keeps changing is because James Bond isn't one guy, he's multiple agents using one identity all of which follow a similar fashion and persona.

But about the beautiful artwork, I think you created some really good conceptual work along with your usual art pieces. I don't recall if I ever asked you this, but have you ever tried really pushing for a job in concept art? I don't think it needs to be debated in terms of skill (it's obvious you have it), but simply if it's something you'd ever consider doing.

Shunichiro said...

Yes, I'd be interested in working as a concept artist. I think I have covered it in some past blog entry but I consider most of my work as a concept art for my own "movies". Market for concept artists isn't so lucrative here in Finland though, certainly not in movies as hardly any genre stuff is being made here, it's just overgritty social/urban realism at the moment. But as for game companies, we do have Remedy (of Max Payne 1 & 2 and Alan Wake fame), Frozenbyte who made Trine 1 & 2 and lots of smaller companies too trying to make a footnote in the industry (I won't mention Rovio because my interest in art isn't in blob-like, flightless and mean birds...). I try to keep an eye open in their websites now and then for any demand for concept artists.

Take note, there's a desert again and I have 5 or so other projects under works taking a place more or less in deserts. I don't know why I have this thing for deserts...