Monday, 9 July 2012

"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"

Clap hands to South Korean Na Yeon Choi for winning U.S. Women's Open Championship! She's one of a kind athlete; determined, hard-working, focused, consistent, calm and modest, all these at the age of only 24. A wonderful person who fully deserved to win at Blackwolf Run. Congratulations!


NePaul Wilson said...

I've been out of the loop here for awhile, a few of these I can't believe I've actually missed, they are breathtaking! Of you know I would always come back to work (sometimes you get swamped with work and you lose track of all those great things out there).

Back on track with the actual artwork, number Five. Yes that one. I think you did such an amazing job at capturing this woman in the rain, it has such a glary feel to it and some nice depth. As always you prove your mastery of the facial structure and shading, especially near and around the face. There is simply a lot of detail caught in these pieces that I had to look over for awhile to get the true feeling of. Your work while always (in most cases) making the figure the center of attention to the viewer, requires the viewer to give each piece a thorough looking.

Shunichiro said...

Haha, I knew I had to play ME3 to lure you out to comment again! Just kidding. I just have missed your comments as you know I appreciate them very much as you will always have your own unique insight.

I think every artist has same dilemma or dream which is completey impossible; that sometimes I could see my own work through someone else's eyes and that way see what I would think of my works. Like I could "sightjack" for example my brother and see through his comprehension. If that made any sense!

NePaul Wilson said...

Haha I just realized I left this comment on the wrong post, it was meant for the most recent one. You were probably like "What the hell is he talking about five for?!"

Yeah I think I understand what you mean. It's certainly the most challenging thing about being an artist is when you have to make work that speaks to the artist as well as you. If it doesn't communicate to the viewer then you lost the point of the art, I mean it's one thing to interpret your own idea of what the artist is trying to say in their art, but it's another when the viewer can't connect at all with what your saying.

I have never once felt any disconnection with your work. Even if the idea that I have isn't the same as yours, I still feel a connection and is something that all viewers can relate too.