Monday, 21 May 2012

The sun is up

Soundtrack: The Cure - "Mint Car" live at MTV studio 1996


NePaul Wilson said...

You know, these are EXACTLY what I needed to see this morning haha. I just got finished with a huge business conference and looking at your lovely work really helps me relax on my off days.

At any rate, this is a nice change of pace from the last couple of pieces, very summer influenced (not that I want to really be reminded of how hot it is outside). I'm really digging the final piece. You are a master at catching that "moment."

Shunichiro said...

Thank you! It seems I can draw hot without deserts too ;)

Coincidentally enough, today it was the hottest day so far here in Finland. Spring hasn't been as warm as it had been for last two years but it's gathering pace, it seems.