Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sweet Hitch-hiker

Sometimes resources, or lack of thereof, dictate the style of a series. Here over-saturated look with a limited color palette came to be simply because I had run out of most of my pens I draw with. Never do I let the lack of tools of trade dampen my artistic calling! Soundtrack: CCR - "Sweet Hitch-hiker"


NePaul Wilson said...

I was actually going to ask about how you got the light to show up in such manner you painted, haha though I literally got the answer. Having limited resources can often bring out the best work we do, it provides a challenge and creates a different way to solve problems and how we approach them.

That being said, you've really captured a good sense of light, the hot desert feel shows in a way that couldn't be achieved if more of the background was shown.

Shunichiro said...

The old saying "sometimes less is more" is one of my rules to approaching art. In order to convey something, you don't necessarily need that much detail, just the atmosphere, the overall feeling, is often all what you need.

Oh yes, hot desert... It seems I have a thing for deserts, seeing how many of my picture stories take place on them and I also have a graphic novel under works which takes place in the wild west very much in the way Sergio Leone portrayed it in his movies which means a lot of desert!

NePaul Wilson said...

Very true, less does prove to be more in a lot cases, especially grahpic design.

Haha, I may have worded myself in a bit of an odd way. Even with detail a desert can appear hot, but I was more or less directing at the depiction that the desert would be so hot that all you really see around you is a white glassy horizon.

I look forward to seeing the Graphic novel!

Shunichiro said...

I may have worded myself in an odd way too because "that the desert would be so hot that all you really see around you is a white glassy horizon" is exactly what I meant, in other words, the overall feeling I wanted (and apparently succeeded in) is it really is so hot all you can see is blistering white.

And as it happens, I started another pictorial taking place in a desert but to avoid repeating myself, this time I try to convey 80's music video "kitsch" to it... It involves a girl, a car, a desert and gaudy colors!