Monday, 30 April 2012

Headache in a suitcase

In February I had a picture story of Joker's and Harley Quinn's alleged daughter. And now, what if... Batman had a daughter with Catwoman? Her name could be Flying Fox and I bet she would have her fair share of bats in the attic as well! Soundtrack: U2 - "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" live at PopMart tour 1997


NePaul Wilson said...

Didn't Batman actually have a daughter with Catwoman? Her name was the Huntress if I'm not mistaken.

Though your concept would be a wonderful one for the Huntress, she kinda has the aura about her. Makes me wonder if you are going to draw Batman haha. I'd imagine you are excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

AND shame on you for not updating last week...I didn't get my fix haha.

Shunichiro said...

Actually, I haven't read any Batman comic for, like, 20 years(!) so I have no idea what's going on in there. Most of my Batman fixes come from the excellent animated series (the one from 90's) and Tim Burton's Batman movies. Brilliant and freaky "Batman Returns" is my absolute favourite Batman movie and one of the best comic to movie adaptations to date.

Oh, now I remember, Batman did have daughter, in "Birds of Prey" TV series at least! Huntress indeed. I quite liked the series, in the beginning it was stale but got better towards the end. Shame though it lasted only for one season.

Yes, it would be fun to make my take on Batman himself! I imagine it would be quite different from what Frank Miller or Christopher Nolan have come up with!

Oh, no update last week because I keep 20+ picture series up for 1,5 weeks instead of one week! Unless my internet connection fails me or computers blow up, the next update will be on Monday morning (my time).