Monday, 20 February 2012

In desert your flesh is as good as meal

While finishing some picture stories, I preview a long-in-the-making graphic novel tentatively titled as "Wasted Land". It's nowhere near finished (there are tons more pictures than seen here) and will released in an episodic manner "when it's ready". The story takes place in a wasteland somewhere in the near future after a world wide catastrophe, be it nuclear war or cataclysm (I haven't yet decided which). The vicious looking one (the first picture) is called "Rat". Despite of her young age she's a leader of a desert tribe. Her combat skills are unparalled but she's basically a nutcase so no one can never be sure about her actions or motives behind them. Part of her inner turmoil can be explained by her limited psychic abilities. She encounters a mysterious woman called Crescent Moon (the second picture) when the latter's desert buggy is blown into pieces by Rat's bandits. Initially taken as a prisoner, Crescent Moon gets on Rat's better side and they form sort of a twisted mother-daughter relationship. Soon they embark together on a journey to a mythical place known only as, well, "a place".

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