Monday, 13 February 2012

Daddy's little girl

If Joker and Harley Quinn would ever have a daughter, she could be like this...


NePaul Wilson said...

You haven't been playing Arkham City have you haha? These are great! I especially love the eyes, they really have that on point "Choas" feel to them that the Joker is so well known for portraying especially back in the animated series where his eyes where just these black pits with a single white dot in the middle.

The last one is my favorite because that pose is so famous and can be done in so many well formatted ways to which you accomplished without flaw.

Shunichiro said...

Thanks! In fact I'm not too fond of these new Batman games and I don't think too highly of latest Batman films either (save late Heath Ledger's Joker in "Dark Knight") but I loved the animated series. I always had a soft spot for Harley Quinn's character!

P.S. Downloading ME3 demo while writing this... Oh, the anticipation!