Monday, 16 January 2012

Taking It to the Streets

The first picture story done this year. There will be lots of drawings from the last year in the future updates though as there's so much stuff still unpublished.


NePaul Wilson said...

Very nice for the first picture story of the year. You really have nice captures of intensity in these pieces. I'm a little thrown off by the leg in illustration seven, it just seems twisted in a weird way, but it may just be a sense of style over actual anatomy design. At any rate, wonderful work, I'm especially in love with the final illustration, that pose is perfect! The way the hands are gestured and the use of shading and lighting, you really caught a good glimpse of emotion.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you! In the illustration seven, that's foreshortening on shin to make perspective of a kicking leg correct, I had a frame of an actual kickboxing for a reference. I can see though the anatomy in the perspective I used and the way I drew it can be unnecessary hard to read so maybe I could have emphasized foreshortening by drawing a clear line for a bending behind the knee.