Monday, 23 January 2012

Sliding Down on the Surface of Things

It's been two months since I promised the fifth part of Desert Rose's (see the tag below) wanderings. In the end, I had so many drawings for it I had to divide what was planned as the final entry into two chapters. So the sixth and tentatively the final part of the series is finished and waiting in the pipeline... Soundtrack: U2 - "Even Better than the Real Thing" live in Denver 2011

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NePaul Wilson said...

This is an interesting setting, not the desert, but the scrapyard. I've almost forgotten that there are a few deserts where people actually discard their waste in and it just sort of piles up to this huge palace of rust and lost technology. Great work on the women as always, really love her expression in the last piece, gives her that fun/free spirited look haha.

You know, I never really realized this, but I always figured U2 must be one of your favorite bands.