Sunday, 1 January 2012

Future World III - The 2012 Calendar

January: The Observer
February: Tiger Mistress
March: Sarge
 April: The Dark Queen
May: "87"
June: The Observer's deck
July: Tiger Mistress
August: Sarge
September: The Dark Queen
October: "87"
November: The Observer
December: Tiger Mistress

Happy New Year 2012! Leave all the bad moments, feelings and habits to the last year and make room for happiness in this year!

Disclaimer: You may download or print the calendar pictures for personal use only. All other distribution or making profit in any way is strictly prohibited.


NePaul Wilson said...

I think I'll definitely take The Observer, not just because my birthday is in January, but because she looks amazing! Haha if nothing else, it's good to know that each month there will be a beautiful face to look at.

Shunichiro said...

Funny thing, my birthday is also in January, in fact, on next Saturday. New year, I still haven't figured out how to make "-12" look good in a signature but that didn't stop me finishing eight drawings today, seven of them to a new picture story set in wild wild west. The rest of time I devoted to "Alice: Madness Returns" which I picked up from a bargain bin. It's wicked!

NePaul Wilson said...

Oh really, I'll have to plan a special birthday present for you!

Haha, it's always good when you can shell out a good number of illustrations you are happy with and then just sit back and stare at them for awhile and just think to yourself "Damn, this is sexy."

Alice, I figured you like it. If I'm not mistaken he's doing a twisted version of Red Riding Hood set in feudal Japan.