Monday, 26 September 2011

From Archives: Unfinished Electric Dreams story, part 2

The second part of the unfinished Electric Dreams project. Same rules apply as in the previous part. I did one new drawing though, the second to last, mimicing my old style, to create at least some sort of an ending to the story. The original idea was that these replicas were perfect copies of humans with only one intentionally built-in flaw exposing them; they cry blood. In the new drawing the hunter has tried to get the hunted to cry, but eventually she cries herself, revealing she's a replica too. In the end, they're very much like twin sisters now, thinking about their future. I'd like you to treat these drawings as production stills of an unfinished movie!


Jellyfish Opera said...

I think that's an amazing plot, the idea that getting someone to cry to see who they really are. Blood is an interesting choice (it could be red or the more common movie cliche' white blood) and can really build a dramatic plot especially since it's always raining in the universe of Electric Sheep.

There's a lot of interesting poses in this one as well as facial features, particularly in Four, Five, and Six. Six is my favorite by far, there's a lot of detail and some OUTSTANDING shading you've developed in that piece. As always you pretty much reign supreme when it comes to character faces and features.

Shunichiro said...

Yeah, because of missing scenes and other characters for the girls to interact with it's indeed a series of poses! Maybe I transfer some ideas planned for this story to the Electric Dreams sequel as the final script for it is still not finished.

Btw, did you get that pencil sketch I e-mailed? I was a bit unsure which address to send it to as I had two addresses in my e-mail box.

Jellyfish Opera said...

Oh I most certainly did get the email and have already started thinking up some ideas one where I want to take the sketch.