Monday, 26 September 2011

From Archives: Unfinished Electric Dreams story, part 2

The second part of the unfinished Electric Dreams project. Same rules apply as in the previous part. I did one new drawing though, the second to last, mimicing my old style, to create at least some sort of an ending to the story. The original idea was that these replicas were perfect copies of humans with only one intentionally built-in flaw exposing them; they cry blood. In the new drawing the hunter has tried to get the hunted to cry, but eventually she cries herself, revealing she's a replica too. In the end, they're very much like twin sisters now, thinking about their future. I'd like you to treat these drawings as production stills of an unfinished movie!

Monday, 19 September 2011

From Archives: Unfinished Electric Dreams story, part 1

These drawings, dating back to late 2009 and early 2010, were my first take to pay homage to Blade Runner and place my own tale in the same universe. You can see my style was a bit different back then. The story would follow a hunter (in the first picture) who gets a job to retire her replica (the second picture), only distinguishable from a missing mole on a cheek and a different haircut. The story was also to feature a male co-star but I never got around to draw him. Eventually he became Adam in Electric Dreams - Beginning, the story which was the reason why this tale was eventually discontinued. The hunter became Xianghua and the hunted Child, as seen in Beginning and who both alongside Adam will be featured in the forthcoming sequel. I thought these drawings were too good to be buried for forever in a desk drawer though, so for the next two weeks I present this unfinished story while finishing a few new projects for my blogs. As far as continuation goes, it's not entirely there because so many planned scenes and characters are missing. I hope you enjoy it altogether! The second part in next week.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Like a siren she calls to me

A little picture story for which I got an inspiration from a recent fashion editorial in a magazine. Such an excellent pictorial it was, starring Chinese beauty Shu Pei, I simply had to do my "portrait version" of it; framing pictures differently, shifting clothing and backdrops, and adding some landscape views to create a frame for this desert rose. Also I did most of the coloring with Neopiko felt tips instead of my usual choice Promarkers, as Neopikos had a perfect color range for these pictures.

Soundtrack: U2 - "In God's Country" live in Paris 1987

Aimo 90 years!

Our oldest uncle turned 90 years on last Friday (9th September). Aimo Purhonen is one of those few still living persons Finland should thank for being an independent country, as he's a veteran of Finnish War in World War II. I based this portrait on a photo from the late 1940's and the drawing was a part of our family's birthday present to him.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Imaginary Movie: After Dark

And the hands on all my shoulders don't have names
and they won't go away
so here I go
here I go again...

Taipei '11 up at Graphic Voices

A sequel to the middle part of an unofficial assassination trilogy, Taipei '02, taking place a few years later, up at Graphic Voices.