Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pearl, Take Two

Last November I did an entry about actress Chen Jia Jia's role in an episode of Chinese fantasy TV-series "Legend of Crazy Monk 2". Based on the news at the time I believed she plays Bai Suzhen, the White Snake demon who wants to become immortal by doing good deeds. Now that the episode has been aired in China (of course, I haven't seen it in this side of the world), I now know she plays Spider Jing called Pearl. Apparently her tale borrows elements from the legend of the White Snake. Anyway, Legend of Crazy Monk chronicles the (mis)adventures of traveling monk Ji Gong (played by Benny Chan). Through his journeys the audience is acquainted with different Chinese myths. When I saw a trailer for the series, I got an urge to do some more cartoon takes on Spider Jing. (Her spider limbs aren't so hairy and scary in the series but I guess my artistic freedom reached for Tarantula and his sad demise in the Spider-Man comics I enjoyed as kid ;)

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