Monday, 29 August 2011

It's only rock 'n roll but I like it!

A sequel to "I Love Rock'n Roll!". Even though my imaginary band's members' appearances are based on real-life persons, they are entirely their own persons (if that made any sense...?) so I even came up with names for them. The lead singer/guitarist/songwriter is called Chen Wai Wai, the drummer/backing vocalist Kinko Karuwari and the bassist "Andy" Lin Jing. All I'm missing is a name for the band. Any suggestions? And here's one of their (imaginary) songs:


I bend over a pond
I'm alone but instead of me I see you
I smile and my eyes lighten up
I tell you the sweetest words
and I blow you a kiss
But you don't notice me at all

A wind blows and wipes away your reflection
All I see is my sad face
I turn around and I see you
I smile and my eyes lighten up
But you don't notice me at all

(lyrics by P. Piira)


Jellyfish Opera said...

So awesome haha, I really get the feeling that that all of these could be cover art for the album.

On another note there is some fantastic shading on going on in a few of these pieces and a nice flow with the colors as well. The very first one in particular uses lines and a heavy set of strokes in a positive way as opposed to the sixth one where the lines are harder to read.

But the seventh is just outstanding, it sticks out above the rest and really has that image that makes all the others come together.

As for the band name....Psssh ummmmmmm "From the Mist"? or do we need another band with "The" stapled into the title "The MISTresses" Hahaha.

Shunichiro said...
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Shunichiro said...

The above deleted comment was my own, some terrible writing mistake there, rendering one of the sentences to mean an opposite, haha! So here we go again:

Thank you! I'm really pleased with the seventh picture too. I wanted to have an off-focus effect there. I could have done it easily just by digitally blurring the singer on the scan but that's not for me as I want everything to be "on camera", ie. do it by hand. The first take was a disaster, some parts looked good, some not, so I started again from the scratch.

I went on doing layers, not unlike you'd do with some software, first doing defining features with a half-dried pen, then adding the colors and finally pasting a soft layer of red oil pastel on top of it all; I rub the finger to a blob of oil pastel and then apply it to the paper off my finger. In short, coming up with solutions to achieve something you have in mind really make the artist's day!

I rather like "From the Mist", let's see...