Monday, 22 August 2011

General Kualo

Evil general Kualo (Chen Jia Jia in her debut role) from Tsui Hark's movie Seven Swords is a kind of character I wish I had created! The movie practically kills itself when Kualo "leaves" it at about one hour mark, such an impressive figure she is among hero stereotypes. And yes, I have mentioned all this before and here are more "movie still" sketches!


Jellyfish Opera said...

These are awesome, they are powerful and really convey a lot about the character. Enough so that I feel compelled to watch the movie for myself. It's been awhile since I've seen a good sword fight.....I'm taking the assumption there are sword fights....OH GOD TELL ME THERE ARE SWORD FIGHTS!?

But seriously, awesome work here, I'm loving the tattoo going up her body, chicks with tattoos are always badass.

Shunichiro said...

If movie's name is Seven Swords, you can bet there are sword fights! And other weapon/kung fu fights as well, all very impressive, I must say. Even though the movie more or less falls apart storywise after an impressive first hour, I would still recommend watching it. Kualo herself has a short, yet energetic fight scene with Donnie Yen. Thanks again for your words!

Jellyfish Opera said...

Always my brother from another mother. I think a good sword fight is all I ever really wanted in life haha, fun fact: I used to do fencing when I was in high school.