Monday, 11 July 2011

Onechanbara: Harvest

A new dose of video game fan art for the longest time, this time for a bloody fun Onechanbara series, which were turned into two movies as well (Chanbara Beauty and Onechanbara Vortex, respectively), both worth watching in the hot summer evenings. Here you go, a straw hat wearing zombie hunter Aya entering undead-infested fields with her little sister Saki.


Jellyfish Opera said...

Honestly I'm starting to hate freelancing and work because I'm missing so many awesome things (namely your art). I didn't realize i missed so many updates so now I'm going back through and checking out all the great work.

Haha these are great, a lot more movement and action going on, which is a great thing! Also I LOVE the Dark Queen illustrations. Just awesome on so many levels, really brings me back to my childhood fables.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you! If I may say so, there are many interesting updates in the pipeline, both finished and under works, so don't miss them out!

Meanwhile, Electric Dreams 2 is dragging... mainly because I find more and more ideas to draw for it so it's expotentially growing from the original concept, which in the core remains the same. I really try to finish it in a couple of weeks!