Monday, 6 June 2011

Imaginary Movie: Noir

After a long time, a stint to my ongoing tribute to late Daul Kim, disguised as something Wong Kar-Wai could come up with in his films which was the original premise for the series and still is. I don't know if "Imaginary Movie" will ever have an end as such, it just... goes on. As for the dark backgrounds, I wanted to draw this entry to the same brand of Canford art paper I started the series on, but I didn't have blank papers from that era anymore, just a bunch of failed doodles, so I had to cover those into backgrounds.

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Jellyfish Opera said...

I'm really liking the smoke, ah who am I kidding, I'm loving it really. I've always found the hardest thing to draw (at least for me) is smoke and fire, those two things I always squinch my eyes at. But your smoke looks wonderful, it even looks a little blurred which I think lends it's crediability as smoke.

Of course your women look beautiful, I've found looking back on your past work their smiles, may have been a little off, but you've certainly have touched that up!

I think I can tell which one you are talking about when you say you were trying to cover that one piece up. Aside from that, outstanding work as usual.