Monday, 20 June 2011

Beautiful Day

Soundtrack: U2 - "Beautiful Day" live in London at BBC rooftop


Jellyfish Opera said...

"Beautiful Day" fits this for sure. I've always wondered if that was the song you were listening to while you draw, if that's the case I love your taste in music. The 3rd one down is a beautiful concept, but I think it may be a bit to bright to see all that wonderful calmness, but I always loved those ideas that just kinda have a void in them, despite nothng having one.

Shunichiro said...

It's usually U2 or The Cure (or some Commodore 64 music remixes!) I listen to while drawing so yes, it was "Beautiful Day" for this one. I friggin' cry everytime I hear that song! Oh, and the 3rd picture, my scanner is to blame! It made it a bit too bright but I think it doesn't hurt to have such a bright picture right there where it belongs to in this series. Thanks again for your words!