Monday, 2 May 2011

Shanghai Rose

A sequel to Shangai Express. Once again I experimented with doing pictures in different styles. And once again I did this with no storyboard, just drawing pictures on a feeling. Only after that I arranged them into a story. Thanks to my mother for coming up with "the final cut"! Running 22 drawings, Shanghai Rose is pretty much a graphic novel without words.

Soundtrack: U2 - "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" live at The Rose Bowl


Jellyfish Opera said...

Simply beautiful. I REALLY love those bright oranges and reds, I wanted to see more of them, it's color I see you rarely use and seeing it such a fresh mix up to things it was great, but of course everything is fresh and you have some really nice strokes in there. The first and the figure drawings are my favorite out this series.

Without a doubt, and I've said this before, your strongest point is telling a story without using words, have you ever decided to get into enviromental concepts or art? The industry is pratically begging for those kind of people and I bet you could feel that role nicely.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you! As for telling a story without words, it's like how the old saying goes, "a picture tells more than a thousand words". So by leaving words out of the context, I give the audience their own chance to come up with who these people are and why they are acting like they are, and what they are up to, even though I myself know exactly their story.

As I have mentioned before, my art resembles concept art, and of course I'd like to work as a concept artist for a video game or movie company. Market for them in Finland isn't so lucrative, I think, but then again, maybe I should gather up a portfolio and see where it takes me to!

On another note, I'm watching "Coraline" on Blu-ray at the moment and I'm totally loving its art design! I don't know yet if the story holds up till the end but we shall see... :)

thwany said...

i love all the colors.

Jellyfish Opera said...

Well I think what's so effective about your art is that there obviously is a underlining story, but I think if you got a crowd of people together 7-10 people would probably see the same story and that's a great thing.

You can tell a story without words and it shows that you have a understanding of human body langauge and facial expressions which is never something easy to capture(ironically), I personally find it easier to give life to things non-human than to actual humans due to the fact people differ so greatly from one another.

Either way bro, I think your going to the top and it's going to be a joy to watch you go there.