Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wanted: Musashi Clara

Nickname: Flower of the Empire. Specializes in: firearms, daggers, darts. Extremely dangerous, approach with caution, shouldn't be involved with.
"You had such a gentle smile, like a pool of pure water."
"Now your eyes are cold, like ice-cold streams. You live to die, you love to hate."
 "Remember that day when we made a future promise; one day we would walk the same path again, holding each other by hand, smiling."
Soundtrack: U2 - "Until the End of the World" live at the Rose Bowl


Jellyfish Opera said...

The Flower of the Empire has a definite newer style to it and I love it! The brush strokes seem less intense and it's produced something with a more elegante feel to it, almost mystical in nature and I really like that it's change of pace.

They all seem to have a modification towards a newer style compared to your other works and it's interesting to see that. I can't say for sure if your moving in a new direction, but what ever your doing it beautiful. I WANT MORE.

Shunichiro said...

I used four different art papers for each four pictures. That demanded a different approach than usually on each take. I wanted the each picture to have its own mood, and "mystical in nature" is just what Clara Musashi AKA Flower of the Empire is about. While this is not entirely a new art direction per se, the style is something I definitely will put to use again when called for.

But man, where have you been!? I have been both missing your comments to my picture stories, and your new art in your blog!