Monday, 14 March 2011

This. Here and Now. With You

The fourth part of the "Night" series (for the previous parts, see "As Night Goes By", "Nights of Being Wild" and "A Night Like This"). Soundtrack for the story: "This. Here and Now. With You" by The Cure, live at MTV 2008 (the sound recording quality is a bit dodgy, you can hardly hear the bass but the only live take I could find).


Jellyfish Opera said...

I'm really digging her looks in this one, she appears more toned up in this one, not as rough, but very clean and lit up. Her Makeup and overall appearence is just more slick and percise. The edges as well in her face are more crisp and clear to me.

The enviroments and overall backgrounds as always add so much to the idea nd concept of your ideas. I'm loving the direction this all headed in.

thwany said...