Monday, 7 March 2011

From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

The Cure year continues. Everytime I hear "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea", it reminds me of late Daul Kim so she was a natural choice for a character for this illustrated song. So that we wouldn't forget her... Here's the song: "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" by the Cure, live at Madison Square Garden 2008.


Jellyfish Opera said...

This one has such a free spirit (no hanar jokes I assure you), and you have yet again found another way to express your work in a new and exciting way. You never fail to do that.

Beautiful girl!

On another note I look forward to seeing your review on Dragon Age 2 haha and seeing Dead Space armor in your screenshots. On another note, I've finished your tribute painting.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you!

Sadly this beautiful girl, South Korean model and artist Daul Kim, isn't among us anymore as she left this world through her own hand on November 2009.

Oh, DA2 have to wait a bit, as I'm soon to move apartment so I wouldn't have any time to play it and thus I won't get it until everything's settled down. But I already unlocked that Dead Space armor on my Bioware account so you will eventually see it on my character in the pages of Lost Planet ;)

Ah, the tribute... I'm anxious to see it!

Jellyfish Opera said...

Ah, I'm wishful that the moving goes well and all that smooth sailing.

Also the painting is up as well: