Monday, 21 March 2011

Candid Daul

Remembering Daul Kim as a happy person with these two drawings. Oh, and about rather bizarre backgrounds... I had run out of paper but wanted to draw these anyway so I took two papers with failed doodles and covered them up with... something! For the first picture we have a wall painting with retro video game references and for the second a floor painting with... retro video game references! Kudos for those people who identify the game character which can be seen only partially in the latter!


Jellyfish Opera said...

All your base are belong to us...I see what you did there mister.

That aside, this is very out of the box and new, I love it! It's feels like two great homages in one and has that great retro feel to it. I really like the grindy feel to it because it looks like a photoshoot was taken next to a wall of graffiti and that's just hitting a new level of awesome.

As far as backgrounds go I think it really helped sell the characters and their expressions, it's something cheerful and playful and it really helps understand the characters without knowing anything about them.

It has the Mona Lisa effect, but you know what she's smiling about.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you again! I really appreciate what you said about this one as I was first unsure about the backgrounds (feeling like they don't match the homage to the person portrayed), especially on the first one, but again my brother persuaded me to go with it, and once again he was right (as always :P)

Now, I have exhausted all my materials, papers, pens and everything, but still I managed to pull out the images for the next big update which will be published already on Thursday morning (my time), and will be up for the whole duration of the move, about 1,5 to 2 weeks. I think it's cool, sort of triple-homage-insider-hybrid, and worth of its longer "show time"!

And Electric Dreams 2 is still getting new pictures, I just have to be inventive to overcome the lack of materials!