Thursday, 24 March 2011

Legend of Zhen Shu - episode 1


What do you get when you combine one martial arts movie and one cool fall/winter 2011/12 fashion show which undoubtedly borrowed ideas both for the clothes and the show itself from the same movie? Well, this, "Legend of Zhen Shu"! Planned to be released in an episodic manner, the picture story chronicles the antics of a self-proclaimed crime-fighter kind of character. Here we are introduced to the black-clad heroine, fashioned after one of the stars of the said fashion show, and to a mysterious character, fashioned after one of the stars of the said movie.

For those wondering the blocky "subtitles"; it's entirely intentional as I really wanted to get the heartily dodgy feel of a VHS copy of some Hong Kong action flick. For same artistic reasons I omitted the usual "" tag from the black borders so If you feel a need to distribute these pictures somewhere for whatever reason, please do mention the source of their origin. Thank you.

...and one more thing; I love to draw rain, the flow of it, and how it blurs and interacts with contours and surfaces!

[edit]Replaced the poster with a version with hand-written names and the title.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Candid Daul

Remembering Daul Kim as a happy person with these two drawings. Oh, and about rather bizarre backgrounds... I had run out of paper but wanted to draw these anyway so I took two papers with failed doodles and covered them up with... something! For the first picture we have a wall painting with retro video game references and for the second a floor painting with... retro video game references! Kudos for those people who identify the game character which can be seen only partially in the latter!

Monday, 14 March 2011

This. Here and Now. With You

The fourth part of the "Night" series (for the previous parts, see "As Night Goes By", "Nights of Being Wild" and "A Night Like This"). Soundtrack for the story: "This. Here and Now. With You" by The Cure, live at MTV 2008 (the sound recording quality is a bit dodgy, you can hardly hear the bass but the only live take I could find).

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Do Androids Dream of Electric Jellyfish?

A talented young artist who goes by the screen name Jellyfish Opera was kind enough to make a tribute painting to me in his blog. I pay the favor and the drawing above is my tribute to him and his work. He is well versed in what makes art, and artists behind it tick and you can see it in his blog: The Art of Oliver NePaul Wilson. And as has been a custom this year in these pages, here's a soundtrack to go with the drawing:

Infernal Machine by Obscuresounds

Monday, 7 March 2011

From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

The Cure year continues. Everytime I hear "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea", it reminds me of late Daul Kim so she was a natural choice for a character for this illustrated song. So that we wouldn't forget her... Here's the song: "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" by the Cure, live at Madison Square Garden 2008.