Monday, 7 February 2011

Presenting graphic novel 'The Ghosts of Us'

Three sample panels of the graphic novel, without the speech bubbles. Why don't you go and read all the 136 panels of The Ghosts of Us?
In the making since the last August, the graphic novel under a working title 'The Haunting' was finished the last week and is now published in its own blog under a new name: The Ghosts of Us.

The project was done pretty much the same way as 'Soccer & Noodles' in the last summer. We had a rough idea of the story, and I drew scenes from here and there within that idea. When about 50% of the panels were done, we printed thumbnails of them, and started arranging them with three rules in mind; 1) try to make sense to the whole story, that is, it would make sense to you, dear readers, and not only to creators themselves, 2) make basis for each scene based on the finished drawings and 3) at the same time overcome continuity errors (hair loose/tied, dark sky/clear sky and such). After that we wrote the script, including all the panels/scenes not yet drawn. At this point the process shifted from feel-to-do-basis to need-to-do-basis. I'm sure some comic know-it-alls would gasp in horror at this 'wrong way approach', but hey, there's no written canon how comics should be done. Each to his own! Fun(?!) fact: the first panel drawn for the comic was page 4 panel 2, and the last panel was (re-drawn) panel 3 on page 10.

So, point your browser to The Ghosts of Us to read the story of two girls, both lost in their own way, and how they try to overcome their misfortune.


Jellyfish Opera said...

Consider it followed! Can't wait to sit down and read it, haha I always look forward to your work.

Also that tribute painting is on it's way. Rest assured of that.

By the way you wouldn't happen to want my Dead Space Dragon Origins code would you? I don't know if your a big fan of Dragon Origins, I just saw you playing it once and figured you would be getting DA2.

Shunichiro said...

Goody, can't wait to see the tribute! As for the code, sure! Thanks :) You know my e-mail address! Yes, I'm a fan of Dragon Age, sadly I have had so little time to play it properly, last I played through Leliana's Song DLC in it. And I'll get DA2 for sure (it should be more Mass Effect kind of game this time and that can only be a good thing!).

Oh, and I just updated Graphic Voices too with a second part of "an unofficial assassination trilogy".