Monday, 27 December 2010

Highway Angels: The 2011 Calendar

Miss January - Gaia
Miss February - Maya
Miss March - The Princess
Miss April - Zoom
Miss May - The Mekhanik
Miss June - Viper
Miss July - Blaze
Misses August - Gaia & Maya
Miss September - Zoom
Misses October - Blaze & Viper
Miss November - The Mekhanik
Miss December - The Princess
To fund their enterprise, Highway Angels posed for a calendar of their own. A bit more risque stuff than what you usually see here, but hey, aren't 'garage door' calendars just like that ?-) For the previous parts of Highway Angels, see the entries 'Highway Angels' and 'Highway Angels - episode 2'.

Disclaimer #1 Some parts of certain persons were exaggerated for the sake of the calendar pictures ;-)
Disclaimer #2 You may download or print out the calendar pictures for the personal use (and pleasure) only. All other distribution or making profit in any way is strictly prohibited.


Jellyfish Opera said...

This calander needs to be made! I'm loving May, haha I always adore that style of clothing. I'm wishful that you have a outstanding New Years! Can't wait to see what you'll make next year.

Shunichiro said...

Feel free to download the calendar pictures and print them out :) I wish you a very outstanding New Year too!

The beginning of the next year shall bring an illustrated album of one of the 80's most seminal records, more Kasumi fan art when PS3 version of ME2 hits the stores, a picture story titled 'Shanghai Express' (sort of spiritual follow-up to 'Merry Christmas, Miss Lawrence') and I have a few one-shots lined up too. Further than that, we shall see!

Also, new stuff is cooking up for Graphic Voices as well as continuation of '269' with two chapters laid out, but not yet finished. Also, a blast from the past with resurrected drawings from two years ago for GV. I ink and finish them, add a couple of new drawings, and it's set to go! That one should be interesting...