Monday, 8 November 2010


Chinese actress Chen Jia Jia has been busy filming a new TV series in the premises of Hengdian World Studios in China. She plays a kind and righteous spirit Pearl. The role is also referred to Bai Suzhen take on Zhizhu Jing. The latter is an example of a Wu Dan role in the traditional Chinese opera, Wu Dan representing a fighting woman, while Bai Suzhen is a tale of its own, about a white snake demon who dreams of turning into a goddess by doing good deeds. What's the final spin for Pearl in this mix of myths is left to be seen, but as soon as I saw fresh pictures of Jia Jia in the role, looking handsome with her elaborate dresses, hair and make-up, I wanted to turn them into drawings. Given the 'screen format' I chose, the pictures turned out somewhat cartoony so think about this as a few panels of 'an unofficial comic book adaptation' of things to come ;-)

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