Friday, 26 November 2010

Nights of Being Wild

A follow-up to As Night Goes By. Same inspiration, same feeling, this time done not because of regular colors running out, but to deliberately play with colors, lights and moods, a flow of quick and inspired drawings carrying the characters through the night.

Friday, 19 November 2010

November Mist (for Daul)

We always remember how the weather was on the 19th November last year. It was already dark and we went out for a walk. Suddenly, a mist descended. It was so thick you couldn't see further than your stretched out arm. It was foreboding. As if heaven was crying and the cold weather turned the tears into the mist. When we returned home, we read the news about Daul Kim's death.

Maybe you never was meant for this earth. Maybe you was put here by accident, and you left for a place far beyond human comprehension.

You will never be forgotten.

Charlotte Sometimes

All the faces
All the voices blur
Change to one face
Change to one voice
Prepare yourself for bed
The light seems bright
And glares on white walls
All the sounds of Charlotte sometimes
Into the night
With Charlotte sometimes

Night after night she lay alone in bed
Her eyes so open to the dark
The streets all looked so strange
They seemed so far away
But Charlotte still did not cry
The people seemed so close
Playing expressionless games
The people seemed so close
So many
Other names

Sometimes I'm dreaming
Where all the other people dance
Sometimes I'm dreaming
Charlotte Sometimes
Sometimes I'm dreaming
Expressionless the trance
Sometimes I'm dreaming
So many different names
Sometimes I'm dreaming
The sounds all stay the same
Sometimes I'm dreaming
She hopes to open shadowed eyes
On a different world
Come to me
Scared princess
Charlotte sometimes

On that bleak track
See the sun is gone again

The tears were pouring down her face
She was crying and crying for a girl
Who died so many years before...

Sometimes I dream
Where all the other people dance
Sometimes I dream
Charlotte sometimes
Sometimes I dream
The sounds all stay the same
Sometimes I'm dreaming
So many different names
Sometimes I dream
Sometimes I dream...

Charlotte sometimes crying for herself
Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself
But it's always with love
With so much love it looks like
Everything else
Of Charlotte sometimes
So far away
Glass-sealed and pretty
Charlotte sometimes

lyrics: Robert Smith

Monday, 15 November 2010

Work in Progress

Most of graphic novels at my Graphic Voices blog have been rather improvised, with not much of advance plans to speak of; I have made them up as I go. Having one big graphic novel project still under works, me and my brother came up with another possible story. It seems I can't concentrate just on one thing at a time, as I have several picture stories for this blog in the making as well!

For this new graphic novel project though, I thought a different kind of approach, which means lots of sketches, character studies, and quite possibly even a script of some sort! I drew this set of sketches of the main characters of the story over the weekend. The freckle-faced girl goes by the name Mai at the moment, while the black-haired girl is called Sakura. The latter is also a bit of a troublemaker, hence the missing tooth. The genre is supposed to be a take on a Japanese horror, but I see my sketches have lots of smiling faces! Hmmm...

Monday, 8 November 2010


Chinese actress Chen Jia Jia has been busy filming a new TV series in the premises of Hengdian World Studios in China. She plays a kind and righteous spirit Pearl. The role is also referred to Bai Suzhen take on Zhizhu Jing. The latter is an example of a Wu Dan role in the traditional Chinese opera, Wu Dan representing a fighting woman, while Bai Suzhen is a tale of its own, about a white snake demon who dreams of turning into a goddess by doing good deeds. What's the final spin for Pearl in this mix of myths is left to be seen, but as soon as I saw fresh pictures of Jia Jia in the role, looking handsome with her elaborate dresses, hair and make-up, I wanted to turn them into drawings. Given the 'screen format' I chose, the pictures turned out somewhat cartoony so think about this as a few panels of 'an unofficial comic book adaptation' of things to come ;-)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Video the 80's - 3rd Strike

Up-beat girl rock: "Weird Dreams"
Up-beat girl rock: "Weird Dreams" - the singer with a stop-motion gargoyle
Hard rock: "Mean Streak"
Hard rock: "Mean Streak" - the obligatory guitar solo
Soul ballad: "Spellbound"
Soul ballad: "Spellbound" - singing high and loud
Melancholic proge rock: "Dream Yourself Awake"
Melancholic proge rock: "Dream Yourself Awake" - the video heroine sees her past self

Another dose of '80's music videos'. I could probably come up endlessly with these, as there were lots of inspiring stuff in the era!