Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kasumi Goto unhooded

I can't help it! I once again returned to my favourite Japanese with penchant for kleptomania, the inimitable Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect 2, and imagined how she could look like when she unhoods herself. The backgrounds were heavily inspired by the 'matte paintings' for Shadow Broker's spaceship exteriors. As to why the first picture is more sketchy than the other two is, with it I wanted to mimic the 'hand-held camera' the game uses to such a great effect.

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Jellyfish Opera said...

You've done such wondeful updates both with Kasumi and Electric Dreams. Your style suits her very well in both personality and figure, and drawing a character whom you never see take their hood off, I find this very realistic to her. It's a great thing to catch the essence of a of something espeically when it's not your creation. Outstanding.

In the other, I'm in love with the second one. I'd really like to see more motion from your work, something like that one, it's so fluent and works very well.