Monday, 18 October 2010

Highway Angels - episode 2

- "This is one of those days... I can feel it."
- "How does it feel chewing my rear bumper, redhead?"
- "I wouldn't strike up a victory song just yet, Viper!"
- "Born to be wii-iii-iiild...."
Featuring Chen Jia Jia as patrol officer Maya.
- "Well well, someone is making my day!"
- "Don't worry, I have these shiny bracelets for both of you speedsters!"
- "I don't like your fashion business, mister."
- "Just so that you can feel it!"
- "Like, wow! Could you really do that?"
- "Anything for the princess..."
- "Boom!"
- "Come on baby, light my fire..."
- "All five of you. Nothing but trouble today! A warning for each. Three of them and you're out."

For the introduction of the characters, see the entry "Highway Angels". Some action this time, as suggested by my dear friend! Cathy, here you are!

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DAVS said...

WOW, really cool!:)