Monday, 11 October 2010

As Night Goes By

When you run out of your most-used colors at the worst time (= payday too far away), it's time to get experimental and use colors you wouldn't normally use to such an extent. And what would be better inspiration for that kind of experiment than to switch again 'into the mood for Wong Kar-Wai', my other big visual inspiration in terms of movies (that other one is, of course, Blade Runner). I finished this one-night episode in just two days. In some pictures I even experimented with leaving out the usual outlines and formed the features only with color surfaces. I think it looks good, and I will definitely try it again in the future - when a picture demands so!


Jellyfish Opera said...

It's a new direction, but a very interesting and inspiring one, sometimes less is more. It almost as a photoshoot feel to it in the sense the lighting is tilted in one diretion almost. The brush strokes this time remind me of ICO's art style, magnficent work as always.

Shunichiro said...

Ah, ICO! One of my favourite games ever, both artistically and storywise. I even got the excellent soundtrack for it from eBay (yes, in this corner of the world we don't have such a luxury as game memorabilia in game stores...). Anyway, I will definitely use technics employed in this picture story in the future, but meanwhile there will be more familiar material in the pipeline too, like more Mass Effect 2 inspired art, a sequel to 'Highway Angels' and so on. And thanks to your comment :) Much appreciated, as always!