Thursday, 28 October 2010

Away Team

As Heaven Is Wide
You Look So Fine
Only Happy When It Rains
More Mass Effect 2 fan art, this time showing my loyal away team; Kasumi and Jack led by my very own commander Shepard.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Highway Angels - episode 2

- "This is one of those days... I can feel it."
- "How does it feel chewing my rear bumper, redhead?"
- "I wouldn't strike up a victory song just yet, Viper!"
- "Born to be wii-iii-iiild...."
Featuring Chen Jia Jia as patrol officer Maya.
- "Well well, someone is making my day!"
- "Don't worry, I have these shiny bracelets for both of you speedsters!"
- "I don't like your fashion business, mister."
- "Just so that you can feel it!"
- "Like, wow! Could you really do that?"
- "Anything for the princess..."
- "Boom!"
- "Come on baby, light my fire..."
- "All five of you. Nothing but trouble today! A warning for each. Three of them and you're out."

For the introduction of the characters, see the entry "Highway Angels". Some action this time, as suggested by my dear friend! Cathy, here you are!

Monday, 11 October 2010

As Night Goes By

When you run out of your most-used colors at the worst time (= payday too far away), it's time to get experimental and use colors you wouldn't normally use to such an extent. And what would be better inspiration for that kind of experiment than to switch again 'into the mood for Wong Kar-Wai', my other big visual inspiration in terms of movies (that other one is, of course, Blade Runner). I finished this one-night episode in just two days. In some pictures I even experimented with leaving out the usual outlines and formed the features only with color surfaces. I think it looks good, and I will definitely try it again in the future - when a picture demands so!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kasumi Goto unhooded

I can't help it! I once again returned to my favourite Japanese with penchant for kleptomania, the inimitable Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect 2, and imagined how she could look like when she unhoods herself. The backgrounds were heavily inspired by the 'matte paintings' for Shadow Broker's spaceship exteriors. As to why the first picture is more sketchy than the other two is, with it I wanted to mimic the 'hand-held camera' the game uses to such a great effect.

Electric Dreams revisited

Remember Electric Dreams, the picture story I did earlier this year, paying homage to one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever, Blade Runner? It was the longest picture story I had done, and after finishing it, there was bit of an empty feeling and a sense of exhaustion. Such was an effort I put into it but I thought it turned out better than I had ever imagined. That's why it has felt bad when update by update it gets pushed back deeper into archives. So I decided to give it a new life by turning the story into a graphic novel, and added three new scenes, making it in movie terms 'an extended edition'. Without further ado, I invite you to visit Graphic Voices to see Electric Dreams - Extended Edition!