Thursday, 23 September 2010

Video the 80's - Take Two

Spunky girl pop - the singer as litil divil
Spunky girl pop - the divil shows her teeth
Up-beat girl rock - the band emerges
Up-beat girl rock - the singer in a serene montage
Rock ballad - a big-budget video with nothing to do with the lyrics
Rock ballad - more of the same with lazer-beam crowd behind an athletic show-off
Love ballad - with an elaborate mansion settings for a dramatic effect
Love ballad - the heroine meets a man (a ghost?) of her dreams inside the dreamy mansion
This is what you come up with when you run VH1 Classic all day long. I tried to capture more of the typical imaginery of the 80's music videos. Not only for nostalgic reasons but for sometimes even outrageous visual nonsense, which fascinates me to no end!

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