Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sketches #1

I have a couple of picture stories under works, not to mention my graphic novel projects, which seem to take most of my time, so I'm afraid I have nothing new to show here yet. So I dug up some skecthes I have done over months and decided to show them.

Few sketches of lovely miss Shu Pei I have done for fun. The last sketch above is a little study before doing the finished version of the same picture for the "Fine China" entry back in December 2009. I just wanted to see how she would look like with freckles :)

Just a random sketch of Kirsten Dunst. Been a fan for, well, quite a some time, which makes me wonder why I haven't done anything about her to the blog...

 And lastly, some character studies for one comic strip project. For these faces I used unknown faces I have happened to bump into. The girl with glasses is based on a TV ad stills and the Japanese girl on images I saw in some random picture gallery a while ago.

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