Monday, 13 September 2010

Highway Angels

Shu Pei as Gaia
BoA as Viper
Grace Park as Zoom
Tao Okamoto as the Mekhanik
Laura Blokhina as Blaze
and Jessica Stam as the Princess
Somewhere, sometime, to the left of nowhere, there's a group of wickedly sexy girls who call themselves "Highway Angels". With authority matching her beauty, Gaia is a self-proclaimed mother to Highway Angels. She nurtures them with a fierce determination and loyalty. When the going gets tough, you can count on Gaia to get to the top of the situation. Viper's talent equals her looks. She is the most sought-after wheelman in the business and she knows it. If you're one of the lucky ones to afford Viper's fees, you already have gotten away with whatever you have been up to. Zoom was born on wheels - during a highway chase! Maybe that's why she enjoys nothing more than zooming away on highways with a hot wind blowing against her pretty face.

Mekhanik keeps each Highway Angel's engine running. No one knows her real name. She's just "Mekhanik" if you ask her. With her innocent face, no one dares even to suspect she might be a perpetrator in hiding. Blaze is blessed with a hot body and hot skills. Her winning streak in the underground races is already record-breaking. Viper could be the only one to challenge Blaze on four wheels for real but Viper is not interested in such petty things as driving fast just for the pleasure of it. Princess got her nickname for her pale blue eyes and angel face. She's eager to prove her monicker is just for window dressing and she's worthy of being a real Highway Angel.

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Jellyfish Opera said...

A very wide range of emotion with this one and a new setting as well. Never a step backwards with you, keeping it fresh.