Monday, 23 August 2010

Kasumi Goto: Aftermath in Afterlife


Jellyfish Opera said...

You've really changed her facial features since the last time you've drawn her. You've really smoothed out her textures and made her face thinner with more detail. It's a very rich and livelyness you given her.

My only real problem is the blue smudges, they seem a bit distracting at times, though I know what they are for the most part. But I'm completely in love with everything else.

I'd love to do some sort of collab with you and I still haven't forgotten your challenge to me haha,I've just been a busy working on some Ubisoft stuff, but I just got it done so now I'm free.

Shunichiro said...

In fact, I haven't changed her facial features because I still used the same model for her face (Japanese model Tao Okamoto, who I almost swear was at least a partial inspiration for her character model's face in the game). I just took her face out of the shadows of her hood more for this pictorial, thus showing it in more detail. I needed focus on her face here, showing emotion. I know I haven't said it in the blog (I wanted to pictures to do talking), but I'd like to think someone has reported seeing Keiji in Afterlife and that's why Kasumi is there, looking desperately for someone she so wants to see.

Those blue smudges are of course imitating those Douglas Trumbull inspired lighting effects/halos I so love in ME2 ;)

As for the collaboration, yea, I'm up for it when you have enough free time in your hands. You can e-mail me about that (the profile page has my e-mail address) when the time is ripe.

As for me, I'm in the middle of drawing a project which started out as a simple picture story for this blog but I realized it needs narration and dialogue, so it will be a graphic novel instead. I have no deadline for it though.

Jellyfish Opera said...

Ah. Haha I do remember Kasumi liking Omega (and I have to agree, Omega is probably my favorite location followed up by Illium) mostly because of Aria. I bet you could do a beautiful portrait of Aria, since she just has that look.

yes, I'm defenitly keeping up with your novel. Any plnas on a paperback version? haha I would seriously love to own some of your work.

Shunichiro said...

Yea, of course I would like everything that I draw for short graphic stories and graphic novels would turn up as paperbacks as well! That has been my dream, well, forever, to have my graphic novel published in paper. Maybe one day... It seems I just don't know the right people to approach regarding that, and I think my graphic novel style is very expensive because I wouldn't settle with crap paper and poor color reproduction!