Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Future World

The Sci-Fi Priestess (inspired by Luis Royo)
The Hostess
The Centurion, Vidstar
The Commander, Air Forces
The Assassin
Molly the Bodyguard
The Cursed, a Wasteland dweller
This series dates back to February but there has always been material that has displaced it as an update. Maybe it was because I wasn't entirely happy with the whole set of drawings for it. But now I thought I must publish it, otherwise it would be left lying in a drawer for unforeseen time! First I mended the series though, kept the pictures I liked, ditched two, moved one to another series (to be published later) and draw two new ones. Also, I happened to dig up a drawing dating from January which had only a figure drawn to it. For some reason I had deserted the drawing as a failure, but now that I looked at it, there was nothing drastically wrong with it, so I added a background and included now completed drawing in this series.

What we have here is a hierarchy of different standings in some undeterminded future world.


b for bhisan said...

i love and respect you for keeping daul alive through art.

Shunichiro said...

Thank you. I bursted into tears when reading your comment. I intend to feature Daul in my art whenever I can. I will never forget her, and I hope people won't worget her either.

Jellyfish Opera said...

This is probably one of my favorite uploads by you. I really dig the sci-fi feel everything has and these smooth textures. I'd love to see a step by step of your work one day.

Shunichiro said...

Thanks again! In fact, I could do that step-by-step thing, scan the drawing in its different phases. Too bad your comment came so late ;-) You see, I had just finished a drawing which would have been perfect for this. After inking it and adding basic skin tones, I thought it was a failure, but I worked and worked on it, and finally nailed it. So it would have served also in a sense to see how a drawing can be rescued! BTW, that drawing was a sixth and final piece for my new Kasumi Goto series, so look forward to that in near future! It won't be the next update though because I want to publish one other series before it.