Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Presenting Soccer & Noodles

Sample panels from the graphic novella without speech bubbles.

This is what I have been doing for the whole summer! 'Soccer & Noodles' started its life just as another picture story for the blog. However, it was decided early (after a dozen or so drawings) it should be turned into a graphic novella instead. That didn't change the way I approached drawing it though. The novella was started without a script (I think it's not a co-incidence Wong Kar-Wai, who I have mentioned a couple of times, makes his movies more or less without a proper script), only with a general idea, me drawing a scene from here and there. After there were enough pictures, me and my brother started forming them into scenes and made a script for the novella and rest of the drawings were done more or less following it. Each and every panel in the novella is a proper art drawing, like everything you see at this blog, so I dare even call it an art comic. But enough of that now. Lets give the scene for the story about friendship and football during the 2010 World Cup in the hottest summer. I have felt pretty exhausted after seeing the big project through so I'd appreciate it if you read through the 23-page long novella and dropped a line about it. I myself am so, so proud of it!

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