Saturday, 31 July 2010

In the city of blinding lights


Jellyfish Opera said...

I really like the detail on the last one. It really has a great feel to it, in that you can tell what it is, there is no second guessing or confusion. Your getting really good with your eyes, the eyes can very much make a break a face, but I've always found myself looking directly at the eyes.

Shunichiro said...

My philosophy is, everything is built around the eyes. When drawing a face, I always start from the eyes. Being right-handed, I should start from the left eye from viewer's point of view (that being right eye on the character) but I tend to start from the right one, so it's a bit wrong way round, but that's how I like it. If the eye fails, I start again from the scratch.

For me, there's a different method of approaching my usual suspects' eyes. For example, for Shu Pei, who I have featured a lot in here, it's important to get her eyes smile like they do, and I can get that emotion only by drawing them fast and relaxed. If I spend too much time on her eyes, I lose that natural smile. As for late Daul, here featured in the last picture, for her dramatic, sad, yet intelligent stare, I need to reflect.

As someone once said somewhere, eyes mirror the soul. How right he/she was.

Jellyfish Opera said...

That's a great philosophy to keep, and I couldn't agree more with who ever said that. It takes a lot to capture that kind of beauty and to do it quickly.