Thursday, 3 June 2010


Innocent Days
A reluctant bride to be
War in the horizon
When a girl becomes a boy
Matter of honor
Encounter with the dragon kind
Light my fire
A nigthswim
A hardship won
The ride atop mountains
The pillaged village
The hun attack!
Exposed and abandoned
Beijing is burning!
Face to face with the man who scolds the earth
Humble champion goes home
My longest series in the making, the first pictures for Mulan were done already last year. At the time I was discussing Shu Pei with my friend over e-mail and she found her a handsome model and even though she thought Shu Pei is very much feminine, she remarked there were some alluring tomboy qualities to her as well. So I thought, I must turn Shu Pei into a Chinese legend Mulan then! What turned out to be the most difficult in portraying scenes from Mulan's story (I partially based it on Disney's excellent feature) was finding the right source material to work from. Most of the material at hand I used to other pictures stories and portraits, most of them seen here. That's why it took so long but now I can finally say my take on Mulan is finished - for now. I might return to some scenes later if I happen to bump into just the right pictures to work from. Instead of two parts, I decided to release Mulan in a one go as I think the strongest pictures are in the latter part and I couldn't wait to show them.


L e D. said...

did I mention that i LOVE your arts? (:

Shunichiro said...

Thanks again :)

Jellyfish Opera said...

Dude these are badass!

You really had me at "Exposed and abandoned" I wouldn't mind watching the movie if it were done in your style.

AMB said...

Your Shu Pei drawings are amazing! I see her face in EVERY frame.