Thursday, 17 June 2010

(Fallen) Angel

The concrete closes on me
I curl up
Try to the soften the fall
But it hits hard

I pull myself up
Few staggering steps
My broken wings weigh me down
I crawl on my hands and on my knees

I stumble across a piece of glass
Cut off my feathers
The blood wreathes art on my dirty skin
Pouring at my feet

I steal clothes from a window display
Dress up like a whore
I guess it wasn't a fashion
but a fetish show

A man whistles
Wants to buy me
I glare back
My soulless eyes driving him away

I walk on
The streets crowded
I'm beautiful
They are grey

Lyrics © J. & P. Piira

These pictures were originally intended as a part of another illustrated album, but I felt that despite of some inspirational lyrics, the album wasn't strong enough so I scrapped the idea. However, the drawings turned out too well to go amiss so I came up with another theme to put them under. As they stand now, they are 'stills' from a fictional music video for a fictional song by a fictional artist, complete with lyrics written by me and my brother. Look at the pictures, read the lyrics and 'listen' to the song with your mind's ears...


Jellyfish Opera said...

Great update, also, I love the update you gave to your blog! Time for a remake huh?

GwenL said...

Thank you. I am surprised that you knew me so well! My wings were broken long ago.