Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Chance for Love #5 - Lovesong

Our lonely, heart-broken heroine ('All I have is his shirt... I will never see him again') goes out for a karaoke night and... oh well. I admit, it's a sugary and sappy ending! But I'm sucker for happy endings as everything's so cynical and grim these days, not to mention so many unhappy endings happening in the real-life. We are left with some questions though. How did the man know when and where to go that evening? Did he resign before he flew over to Japan? Do they sing 'Lovesong' according to The Cure or Simple Minds? (Oh... I feel so 80's again!) Well, we don't need answers, do we, as those details don't matter much. Let them be happy! And no, I don't think yesterday evening's Eurovision song contest had nothing to do with the outcome of this love story as I drew it the day before!

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Jellyfish Opera said...

God I love the shading you did and emotional background you put into the second one. That just sets the tone.

I'm glad with the way things turned out, it has a lovely feeling to it all, actually the whole thing was very song like.

My only gripe with any of this was the last panel, that smile haha, but it doesn't make the story, setting, characters, any less amazing.

Magnificent work!