Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Thousand girls'

Actress Chen Jia Jia, who I have featured a couple of times in these pages, is making waves in China. 11-part war-themed TV-series has gathered a good viewer ratings and a large attention in its first run through China, not least because of Jia Jia's performance as a Japanese spy who shifts from a costume to another, earning her a nickname 'Thousand girls'. In May the Chinese TV is hit by another series Jia Jia stars in, this time a historical comedy epic. As 'White tiger', a deity and emperor's apprentice, she gets again to display her martial arts proveness.

The feature film 'Legend of Chen Zhen', a high-profile remake of Bruce Lee classic, now starring Donnie Yen, wrapped filming in early February. Shu Qi and Chen Jia Jia play the female leads. Set to storm the box office in China, hopefully the movie further propels Jia Jia's career which her recent TV work has already done, gaining her many offers for future movie roles. The year of the tiger seems to prove itself for her!


Jellyfish Opera said...

Your work is AMAZING! Why have you been hiding from my eyes for so long? haha, I can't wait to see your next piece.

L e D. said...

wow! you did it? awesome :O