Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pop the 80's

When I saw a recent Shu Pei editorial from Vogue China posted at 'tfs' forums, I immediately re-imagined them with 80's spin. Having lived my childhood and teens during that magical era it's no wonder I'm so keen to its imaginery. What defines 80's? So, so many things. Michael Knight rescuing damsels in distress with a car smarter than he is, pastel colors, Miami Vice, mullets, MacGyver, heavy rockers with blown up blonde hair, virtual VJ Max Headroom, Music TV, disco, skateboards, rollerskate babes, graffiti, ghettoblasters, breakdance, great sci-fi movies, the best computer games ever made and so on. Sometimes one can't but wonder how humankind survived that superficial decade. But it's so dear, defining and somehow innocent to me. With these blown-up close-ups I wanted to bring the best out of the vibes!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous artwork! You really love Miss Shu Pei dont you?

L e D. said...

Very good artwork !