Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Thousand girls'

Actress Chen Jia Jia, who I have featured a couple of times in these pages, is making waves in China. 11-part war-themed TV-series has gathered a good viewer ratings and a large attention in its first run through China, not least because of Jia Jia's performance as a Japanese spy who shifts from a costume to another, earning her a nickname 'Thousand girls'. In May the Chinese TV is hit by another series Jia Jia stars in, this time a historical comedy epic. As 'White tiger', a deity and emperor's apprentice, she gets again to display her martial arts proveness.

The feature film 'Legend of Chen Zhen', a high-profile remake of Bruce Lee classic, now starring Donnie Yen, wrapped filming in early February. Shu Qi and Chen Jia Jia play the female leads. Set to storm the box office in China, hopefully the movie further propels Jia Jia's career which her recent TV work has already done, gaining her many offers for future movie roles. The year of the tiger seems to prove itself for her!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Electric Dreams - The Outtake

This drawing was originally intended for the final picture of the Blade Runner inspired 'Electric Dreams' picture story but in the end I left it out because I thought it was too mushy and instead chose a more open ending. However, I saw a great deal of effort for the drawing so I thought it deserved to be shown anyway. As it stands, the picture serves like a postcard from the heroines of the story, saying 'Hello, we're fine, don't worry'! Or, as my dear friend put it, a DVD outtake of actresses frolicing during a break.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kasumi Goto fan art

Encounter of the mysterious kind

The light of Illium
En route to Hock mansion with commander Shepard
Ominous intentions
O-mega happy
If look could freeze
Cloaking off to strike
Pensive in front of the video screen
A softer side
The light of Illium #2
One of the best games ever, Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360 and PC, got recently a new downloadable content adding a new fascinating character to the roster. A Japanese master thief Kasumi Goto is shrouded in mystery and is way cool all around. I'll be damned if the character designers/artists didn't give at least some of Tao Okamoto's features to her as the resemblance, especially lips and nose, is sometimes too uncanny to be just a coincidence. So Tao was a natural choice of model for my fan art of the character. I'm sorry though for giving this Tao-lookalike sizeable breasts as I think Tao is just fine the way she is but it was only for the sake of the character who packs quite a rack. I already posted most of these pictures to GameFAQS forums but here I present the full series with exclusive drawings to this blog.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pop the 80's

When I saw a recent Shu Pei editorial from Vogue China posted at 'tfs' forums, I immediately re-imagined them with 80's spin. Having lived my childhood and teens during that magical era it's no wonder I'm so keen to its imaginery. What defines 80's? So, so many things. Michael Knight rescuing damsels in distress with a car smarter than he is, pastel colors, Miami Vice, mullets, MacGyver, heavy rockers with blown up blonde hair, virtual VJ Max Headroom, Music TV, disco, skateboards, rollerskate babes, graffiti, ghettoblasters, breakdance, great sci-fi movies, the best computer games ever made and so on. Sometimes one can't but wonder how humankind survived that superficial decade. But it's so dear, defining and somehow innocent to me. With these blown-up close-ups I wanted to bring the best out of the vibes!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Electric Dreams #6 - The Family

Huh? Big sis looks serious.
Suddenly everything I somehow knew but couldn't quite comprehend fell into place.
I still have my badge. It can give some cover to the three of us... The outlaws... A family.

The end

New update will be up on next Wednesday!