Sunday, 21 March 2010

Electric Dreams #1 - The Trail

'Deckard took a hike with that Tyrell broad and McCoy vanished along with his assignments.'
'We have two skinjobs running free. I know you're still a rookie but still our best shot at catching them.'
Blade Runner. Such an inspiring and ageless movie! Its world looks and feels just as unique and real as upon its release and the themes it delivers in the story are getting more poignant by each passing year in this technological reality we are living in. I have drawn inspiration from the movie's dark and desolate yet beautifully rich and poetic imaginery many times in the past but never have I gone that far as making my own story within its settings. Not until one person I had told about my blog asked if I could perhaps draw something Blade Runner related to the blog. Thanks, you know who you are, it was a great idea! So, I placed my own characters in the same timeline and surroundings Deckard deals with his morally tasking challenge. The series will be presented in the consecutive updates.

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