Sunday, 28 March 2010

Electric Dreams #3 - Interlude in the Rain

 'I take it you're on the trail?'
I saw the man and the girl together. I think I know where they're going.
China girl. Very pretty. In goes.
Child make it funny!
Child knows a secret, Child knows a secret...

I dedicate this entry to the memory of Robert Culp who passed away last week. Among many great roles, he starred in one of the most memorable Outer Limits episodes, 'A Demon with a Glass Hand', which took place in the very same Bradbury building where some of the key moments of Blade Runner are played.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Electric Dreams #2 - Child

'Oh sugar, don't you cry. Oh Child, wipe the tears from your eyes. You know I need you to be strong.'
Lovers or siblings? Doesn't matter, I'm on to you.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Electric Dreams #1 - The Trail

'Deckard took a hike with that Tyrell broad and McCoy vanished along with his assignments.'
'We have two skinjobs running free. I know you're still a rookie but still our best shot at catching them.'
Blade Runner. Such an inspiring and ageless movie! Its world looks and feels just as unique and real as upon its release and the themes it delivers in the story are getting more poignant by each passing year in this technological reality we are living in. I have drawn inspiration from the movie's dark and desolate yet beautifully rich and poetic imaginery many times in the past but never have I gone that far as making my own story within its settings. Not until one person I had told about my blog asked if I could perhaps draw something Blade Runner related to the blog. Thanks, you know who you are, it was a great idea! So, I placed my own characters in the same timeline and surroundings Deckard deals with his morally tasking challenge. The series will be presented in the consecutive updates.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Imaginary Movie: Breeze

Spring is coming along but I feel a cool autumn breeze blowing through the latest entry of 'Imaginary Movie', a melodic ambience providing the soundtrack with a lonely piano keying in the theme fitting for each picture. Meanwhile, 'A Chance for Love' takes a break since from Sunday update onwards I plan to start publishing my 'Blade Runner' inspired picture series which more or less demands that each of its entry is released back to back.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Chance for Love #3 - Departure

Lingering looks from both participants. Without a narrative it's almost like directing a silent movie but that leaves room for your intepretations, dear readers, as intended. For some of my future picture stories I have plans to use some sort of narrative but themes like love and longing are so universal they don't need unnecessary words.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Making faces

Not everything I draw is part of some bigger picture. Sometimes it's fun to do random pictures just for the sake of it. These portraits of model Tao Okamoto are one of these occasions.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dressing Up

I have several projects under works. 'A Chance for Love' needs more chapters and the next one will be more difficult to conceive because I need to progress the story in a direction or another. Another series will be sci-fi themed, to be more precise, inspired by the classic Blade Runner. Already spanning over 10 pictures, it still needs a lot of scenes before I can construct it into chapters. Also, I'm planning to illustrate yet another music album. Before any of those are featured though here are a couple of sunny portraits of martial artist actress Chen Jia Jia!