Monday, 27 December 2010

Highway Angels: The 2011 Calendar

Miss January - Gaia
Miss February - Maya
Miss March - The Princess
Miss April - Zoom
Miss May - The Mekhanik
Miss June - Viper
Miss July - Blaze
Misses August - Gaia & Maya
Miss September - Zoom
Misses October - Blaze & Viper
Miss November - The Mekhanik
Miss December - The Princess
To fund their enterprise, Highway Angels posed for a calendar of their own. A bit more risque stuff than what you usually see here, but hey, aren't 'garage door' calendars just like that ?-) For the previous parts of Highway Angels, see the entries 'Highway Angels' and 'Highway Angels - episode 2'.

Disclaimer #1 Some parts of certain persons were exaggerated for the sake of the calendar pictures ;-)
Disclaimer #2 You may download or print out the calendar pictures for the personal use (and pleasure) only. All other distribution or making profit in any way is strictly prohibited.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Christmas, Miss Lawrence

I originally intended to call this picture story 'Shanghai Express' as a homage to Wong Kar-Wai's movie 'Chunking Express', but as this is a Christmas week, I chose another title. I turned parts of recent Shu Pei editorials into a 'photoshoot' of my own, and when I put my pen on the paper, I really couldn't help it but yet again draw inspiraton from the aforementioned iconic movie director and his collaboration with English-born cinematographer Christopher Doyle. The trick to tap into their fevered style is to draw fast and without thinking too much ahead, creating the same sense of improvisation as in their works. But enough of that, with 'Miss Lawrence' I want to wish you all Merry Christmas! May your presents contain everything you wished for! And of course, may there be a peace on earth... a peace on earth.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Imaginary Movie: The Wanderer Light/Dark

For the longest time a new episode to my Imaginary Movie featuring late Daul Kim. It started in December last year so returning to it now I felt I needed to reach out for the artist I was a year ago, and use simpler lines and shading. I was glad it came back naturally for the sake of this installment.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The Play II: The Musical

A sequel to The Play. Oh, silly me! Just realized this blog had a one year anniversary a few days ago. Hooray, eh? Gifts and bribes accepted :P

Friday, 3 December 2010


When I see you sticky as lips, as licky as trips
And when I see you happy as a girl, that swims in a world of magic show
And when I see you kitten as a cat, yeah as smitten as that

269:5 up at Graphic Voices

You can't be serious...
269:5 up at Graphic Voices!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nights of Being Wild

A follow-up to As Night Goes By. Same inspiration, same feeling, this time done not because of regular colors running out, but to deliberately play with colors, lights and moods, a flow of quick and inspired drawings carrying the characters through the night.

Friday, 19 November 2010

November Mist (for Daul)

We always remember how the weather was on the 19th November last year. It was already dark and we went out for a walk. Suddenly, a mist descended. It was so thick you couldn't see further than your stretched out arm. It was foreboding. As if heaven was crying and the cold weather turned the tears into the mist. When we returned home, we read the news about Daul Kim's death.

Maybe you never was meant for this earth. Maybe you was put here by accident, and you left for a place far beyond human comprehension.

You will never be forgotten.

Charlotte Sometimes

All the faces
All the voices blur
Change to one face
Change to one voice
Prepare yourself for bed
The light seems bright
And glares on white walls
All the sounds of Charlotte sometimes
Into the night
With Charlotte sometimes

Night after night she lay alone in bed
Her eyes so open to the dark
The streets all looked so strange
They seemed so far away
But Charlotte still did not cry
The people seemed so close
Playing expressionless games
The people seemed so close
So many
Other names

Sometimes I'm dreaming
Where all the other people dance
Sometimes I'm dreaming
Charlotte Sometimes
Sometimes I'm dreaming
Expressionless the trance
Sometimes I'm dreaming
So many different names
Sometimes I'm dreaming
The sounds all stay the same
Sometimes I'm dreaming
She hopes to open shadowed eyes
On a different world
Come to me
Scared princess
Charlotte sometimes

On that bleak track
See the sun is gone again

The tears were pouring down her face
She was crying and crying for a girl
Who died so many years before...

Sometimes I dream
Where all the other people dance
Sometimes I dream
Charlotte sometimes
Sometimes I dream
The sounds all stay the same
Sometimes I'm dreaming
So many different names
Sometimes I dream
Sometimes I dream...

Charlotte sometimes crying for herself
Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself
But it's always with love
With so much love it looks like
Everything else
Of Charlotte sometimes
So far away
Glass-sealed and pretty
Charlotte sometimes

lyrics: Robert Smith